Song 37: UKRAINE

(WINNER – 534 points)

Artist: Jamala

Song: 1944

Lyric: Jamala, Art Antonyan
Music: Jamala


  1. Vane Acevski says:

    Omg It’s not the first time that i have been totally shocked with the winner. Ukraine was in my low 30’s in rating.
    A song sung half in Ukranian and English about war time back in 1944. But i must admit i do like the music to the song and i like when Jamala dones them high notes. Watching her live closing the 2016 eurovision she gave me goose bumps.

  2. Scott Parsons says:

    Ever since Jamala entered the Ukrainian national selection with “Smile,” I’ve been a fan. What she can do with her voice is downright amazing. I was really happy to have Ukraine back in 2016 and even more so with Jamala. This song is so incredibly powerful, it simply cannot be ignored. While I highly doubt we’ll ever be dancing to genocide at the Euroclub, Jamala did one thing that no one else did: moved me with her voice. Her wailing at that one part sent chills up my spine. It’s like I felt her grief. Simply outstanding. Was this my favorite song of the year? No, but I do think her win sent a number of messages. Well done, Jamala!

  3. Andrew Bayley says:

    Like a number of songs this year, Ukraine was not one I warmed to initially but it didn’t take long to catch on and I loved her performance although given the language barrier the actual meaning of the song was not apparent until I’d looked it up later. She was a very worthy winner.

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