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‘Santa TikTokeria’ is the festive celebration by Bzikebi Studio

The latest project by the Bzikebi Studio is the song Santa TikTokeria. It is a fun festive song based on the TikTok popularity released in time for the New Year celebrations.

Giga Kukhianidze is the man behind Bzikebi Studio and the many talented kids he works with. Giga is also responsible for composing the three winning Junior Eurovision songs for Georgia – 2008 BzikebiBzz.., 2011 Group Candy Candy Music and 2016 Mariam MamadishviliMzeo. He has also composed the Georgian JESC song for Mariam Kakhelishvili in 2010 – Mari-Dari, Funkids in 2012- Funky Lemonade, The Smile Shop in 2013 – Give Me Your Smile, Lizi Pop in 2014 – Happy Day; The Virus in 2015 – Gabade, Grigol Kipshidze in 2017 – Voice Of The Heart and Sandra Gadelia in 2020 – You Are Not Alone.

You can see the official music video for Santa TikTokeria below.

Source: ESC Covers