ArmDreams Project release a special song for awareness of autism called ‘Du Ch’tkhres’

ArmDreams Project

ArmDreams Project

The ArmDreams Project have got together a team of talented singers and personalities to record a special song and video clip to make us aware of autism. The song is entitled Du Ch’tkhres (Don’t be sad).

The song is saying that “the world should not turn their back on someone who has autism. Instead we are there to understand and we are with you”.

The participants in this wonderful project were Lena Ghazaryan, Eva Voskanyan, Zara Markosyan, Anna Grigoryan, Lusine Mardanyan, Maggie Badiryan, Anahit Arakelyan, Ani Mnatsakanyan, Melissa, Mary and Levon Serobyan.

Also, making special appearances in the video clip are Lauren Ghambaryan, Siranush Karapetyan, Armenuhi Avagyan, Teresa Azatyan, Marianna Harutyunyan, Anahit Nersisyan, Maria Adamyan, Hakob Gyulesyan, Ina Mnatsakanyan, Adriana and Gurgen Ghulgazaryan.

Not only is Du Ch’tkhres recorded for a very worthwhile cause with a positive message, it is an upbeat song with a very strong production and real feel good vibe.  Congratulations to the composer of the music and lyrics, Armen Virabyan. He was behind this wonderful idea. The operator and editing is by Robert Babayan. The instrumentation is courtesy of Moto Blanco “XL Recordings” BMG Rights Management. The recording was at E-Man Studio.

Thank you also to Melnica restaurant complex and Agora café. The make up was by Armine Grigoryan.

You can see the video for Du Ch’tkhres below.

Source: ArmDreams; ESC Covers


  1. roy van der merwe says:

    really great to make such a song

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