It is with utter shock that ESC Covers received the news from the Netherlands that they had a vote to determine the worst Dutch Eurovision entry.

It turned out to be the 1981 Eurovision entry, HET IS EEN WONDER by LINDA WILLIAMS.

Roy van der Merwe of ESC Covers in particular reacted with shock as this song is his number 1 Eurovision entry from the Netherlands and also is in the top 5 of all Eurovision entries ever.

The song is hugely popular in South Africa with numerous covers of it by among others such as Jo Smith, Tobi Jooste, Carike Keuzenkamp and Die Platinums. On top of that Belgium singer DANA WINNER, who is highly popular in South Africa, also recorded it in Afrikaans.

Hana Zagorova from the Czech republic also covered it in the Czech language and Roy has the vinyl single of it. Hana’s video has been watched over 3 million times.

UPDATE on this

We have now heard that there was a TV program in the Netherlands where a panel of 4 people judged the Eurovision entries from the Netherlands. The panel consisted of Cornel Maas, Paul de Leeuw, Stefania and Willeke Alberti. These 4 had HET IS EEN WONDER as their worst Dutch entry. The viewers of the show could also vote, but their voting has not been revealed.

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