Welcome to my Belarus

With the news that Belarus has had its EBU membership suspended, sadly it looks like the country won’t be competing at this years Junior Eurovision song contest in France.

It is fitting perhaps then that ESCcovers has decided to kick off the 2021 Junior Eurovision season with a look back at some of the best songs to feature at recent Belarus national selection shows that also never made it to the finals.

Flag of Belarus

Belarus has a history of producing high quality national selection shows for Junior Eurovision and we have selected 5 of the best recent entries that didn’t manage to win,  but would have been fit to grace any Junior Eurovision stage.

Read a quick overview of our chosen 5 songs,  view the music video’s, enjoy our exclusive cover designs, watch the recap and vote!

Let the Which was the best Belarus national selection song that didn’t win’ contest begin! 

Use the links below to jump to each song or the page numbers to review each song in succession.

Maria Ermakova  – ‘Vetra’  – 2019 
Masha Zhilina – ‘Welcome to my Belarus’  – 2018
Monkey Tops ‘Посмотри на нас’ – 2019
Masha Zhilina – “Вышэй” (Vyshei) – 2017
Arina Pekhtereva – Never Again – 2019

Recap and Vote

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  1. Really bad. They sure had some interesting songs in their Junior selection over the years

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