Watch: Ljupka Arsovska perform ‘Smej mi se smej’ on ‘My Favourite Song’ show

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Ljupka Arsovska gave a beautiful performance on the ‘My Favorite Song’ show from North Macedonia. Ljupka performed a charming cover of the song Smej mi se smej by Karolina Gočeva, who represented North Macedonia at the 2002 and 2007 Eurovision Song Contests.

The mix and mastering for the Smej mi se smej track are by Aleksandar Spasencovski. The piano playing is by Robert Spasencovski. The recording took place at the MusicStudioSpasencovski.

Ljupka is a talented young singer from North Macedonia, who also sings with the Dacapo Band.

You can see Ljupka perform Smej mi se smej below.

Source: ESC Covers

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