ESC Covers website and Music – Eurovision and beyond facebook are busy with a project where Eurovision fans can send their top 10 for the 2021 entries to see which entries are the most liked by fans.

As of this moment, we have received 53 top 10’s. One of the fans sent us a video where he listed all 39 songs and we publish it below.

The project has already achieved 2 objectives.

1 – we got more than 50 top 10’s

2 – the song currently in first place has reached 200 points

Unfortunately, one object has not been achieved, namely to get top 10’s from fans in many Eurovision countries. Just to name two examples – there are 5 Nordic countries but we got votes from just one of them. The other example is countries from the old Soviet Union. We did not get a single top 10 from a fan in any of these countries.

Originally we planned to start revealing the entries from position 39 to position 1 from 1 April, but we will start on Monday 29 March with position 39.

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