The Roop – ‘Discoteque’ released

The highly anticipated video for The Roop 2021 entry for the Lithuanian Eurovision 2021 national selection has been released today.

The song comes together with an energetic dance which can allow you to escape and let loose. Some of the moves of the dance was inspired by legendary Lithuanian basketball player Arvydas Sabonis.

The band describes the new song as a tool to liberate and express feelings that are kept deep inside of our hearts.

THE ROOP’s leader Vaidotas says: “The new song “Discoteque” talks about personal inner liberation. Rather often we say that we are free and that we live in a free world. But most of our restraints come from the inside. So, this song and movement aims liberate our minds, which contains too much self-criticism, fear of appearing different, reluctance to accept your body, even limiting your attractiveness.”

Having already pre-qualified for the national selection final are we likely to see the Roop at Eurovision 2021?

Watch the video below and keep up to date with everything happening at the Lithuanian National selection here. 

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