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Twiins: Vebi releases ‘Nemám záujem’ music video and single

Vebi @veronikatwiins
Vebi @veronikatwiins

Vebi has released a brand new song entitled Nemám záujem (I am not interested). The song has a cool r’nb and hip-hop flavour sound.

Vebi is Veronika Nízlová from Twiins, who represented Slovakia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with I’m Still Alive.

The mixing and mastering for Nemám záujem is by Marek Surin.

Earlier this year Vebi released Zakázaná (Prohited), which has a haunting melody and beat.

You can see the official music videos for both Nemám záujem and Zakázaná below.

Source: ESC Covers; Illuminate Production