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18 – Switzerland = 28 points
17 – Denmark = 34 points
16 – Albania = 45 points
15 – Ireland = 46 points
14 – Slovenia = 57 points
13 – Norway = 63 points
12 – Belarus = 84 points
11 – FYR Macedonia = 88 points
10 – Serbia = 105 points
09 – Georgia = 123 points
08 – Latvia = 132 points
07 – Israel = 147 points
06 – Poland = 151 points
05 – Bulgaria = 220 points
04 – Lithuania = 222 points
03 – Belgium = 274 points
02 – Ukraine = 287 points
01 – Australia = 330 points

‘Ne Boysya’ – the new single by Anna Trincher

Anna Trincher {copyright: GravicapaFilms}
Anna Trincher {copyright: GravicapaFilms}

Anna Trincher charmed many people with her performance at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song Nebo znaye. Now Anna returns with her brand new single and video clip. The song is called Ne Boysya {Do not be afraid). It is composed by Dmitriy Sycoyev.

Ne Boysya is an uptempo dance song that showcases Anna’s talents as a vocalist, performer and dancer. The music has a very happy vibe and makes you want to hit the dancefloor.

You can see the official video clip for Ne Boysa below.

Source: facebook.com/trincherofficial; www.esccovers.com


Sofia Tarasova releases her new single – ‘Letet’ Vysoko’

Sofia Tarasova {from the official video clip of 'Letet' Vysoko}
Sofia Tarasova {from the official video clip of ‘Letet’ Vysoko}

Sofia Tarasova, the young and talented singer from Ukraine, has released her brand new single and video. It is entitled Letet’ Vysoko (Fly high). The song is very upbeat and has a happy club vibe and is perfect for the dancefloors. Letet’ Vysoko is composed by Dmitriy Sysoyev and Ivan Shmalyy. The production is by Luck Out Club. The video was directed and produced by Sergey Guman and Jaroslav Gubskiy.

Sofia represented Ukraine at the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song We Are One and she finished in second place that year.

You can see the official video for Letet’ Vysoko below.

Source: facebook.com/SofiaTarasovaOfficial; www.esccovers.com


Interview: Jamala (2016 ESC Ukraine)

Jamala {copyright: NTU/Jamala PR photos}
Jamala {copyright: NTU/Jamala PR photos}

Jamala will represent Ukraine at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with her song 1944. Here she talks to esccovers.com.

Hello Jamala. Congratulations on being selected to represent Ukraine at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. What were your feelings when you realised you had won?

When I was standing on the stage while the jury were announcing whom they have chosen, I was thinking that probably Eurovision is not my cup of tea. So, when I heard the results of people’s voting I didn’t realise that I won. I was confused a little bit. Of course I feel happy and proud now. I’m grateful to people that voted for me and I’m sure that I’ll represent Ukraine in the best way.

‘1944’ is about the deportation of Crimean Tatars in the 1940s. What inspired you to write this song and enter it for Eurovision?

I wrote it a year and a half ago. The origins of it are in my childhood. It’s inspired by a story that my great-grandmother told me when I was small. So this topic is very personal for me. The song is about the tragedy that happened to our family and all Crimean Tatars in 1944. I mean the deportation of Crimean Tatar people from Crimea to Central Asia, the crime made by Soviet government. They packed all people to the freight trains like beasts for a few weeks with no food and water. Those who couldn’t survive were thrown out and left lying on the ground. My great-grandmother lost her daughter as well. But ‘1944’ concerns all people that had their own horrible tragedies in the past, such as Holocaust. We should always remember and never forget them to avoid like this in the future. I want to deliver this message to as many people as possible.

You recently played a concert in Kiev. How was this show and what type of songs do you sing in your concerts?

Thank you for this question! My show went very well. It was sold out and the audience was really nice. Most of all I performed songs from my latest record ‘Breath’ that was released in October 2015, but of course there were several songs from my previous albums ‘Thank You’, ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘For Every Heart’. And at the beginning of the encore I performed ‘1944’ and people just got crazy. It was really nice, my fans are the best!

Do you plan to make a promotional tour to other countries to promote ‘1944’ for Eurovision?

No, I don’t have such plans. But I’m going to perform in Amsterdam at the Eurovision party.

Do you have a new album coming? If so when will it likely be released?

My new album has been released less than half a year ago. I want to live with it for a while. But I’ve already started to write new songs.

Have you participated in any other music festivals in Ukraine and abroad?

Of course! I participated in hundreds of festivals of different musical genres in different countries. For example I’ve been headliner on opera festivals in Ukraine and Italy, jazz festivals in Ukraine and Russia, folk festivals in Ukraine and Turkey, rock festivals in Ukraine and Turkey etc.

Have you heard the other songs in Eurovision this year? Do you have any favourites at this time?

I’ve heard all the songs. I mean, I’ve watched all the video clips. Of course the live sounds different, but I can recognize a good song nevertheless. I choose France, The Netherlands, Sweden, UK and Greece, because their entries have such handsome guys)))))))
I’m just kidding. They have really good songs!

Do you normally watch Eurovision each year? Do you have any favourite songs from previous years?

I watch the show every year. I don’t have any particularly favourite ESC song. I usually pay attention to performers, musicians, vocals and musical background. These are a few songs that I like: Raphael Gualazzi – ‘Madness of Love’ (2011 ESC Italy), The Common Linnets – ‘Calm After The Storm’ (2014 ESC The Netherlands) and Loreen – ‘Euphoria’ (2012 ESC Sweden – winner)

Anyway thank you and good luck Jamala.

You can see Jamala perform 1944 below.

Source: www.esccovers.com


Anna Trincher releases official video for ‘Pochny z sebe’

Anna Trincher {from the official music video of 'Pochny z sebe'}
Anna Trincher {from the official music video of ‘Pochny z sebe’}

Anna Trincher represented Ukraine at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Pochny z sebe (Start with yourself). Now Anna has released the official music video for the song.

The video is beautifully shot and it reminds me of a fairytale as Anna elegantly wanders through the woods with fictional characters.

You can see the video for Pochny z sebe below.

Source: www.esccovers.com

Eurovision 2016: News round up

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 logo {copyright: EBU}
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 logo {copyright: EBU}

It has been a busy few days in the world of Eurovision. Starting with the theme for the 2016 contest which is Come Together. We have had songs selected in Malta and Belarus. Also, Hungary began their selection process and Lithuania continued with their qualification programmes.

Malta – The 2002 representative for Malta, Ira Losco, will once again represent her country at Eurovision. Ira won with Chameleon (Invincible). There was a semi-final of 20 songs and 14 songs took part in the final.

BelarusIvan will represent Belarus after winning the national selection with Help You Fly. Ivan beat off competition from nine other acts.

Hungary – The national selection of Hungary (A Dal) began and the first six acts to qualify for the next stage are Freddie, Benji, Mushu, Egy Másik Zenekar, Reni Tolvai (all by jury) and ByTheWay (televote).

Lithuania – 12 acts competed in the next phase and the following acts progressed Ieva ZasimauskaitėBaibaE.G.O. ,Berta TiminskaitėNeringa Šiaudikytė, 4 Roses, Saulenė Chlevickaitė, Milda Martinkėnaitė, Ruslanas KirilkinasAistė Pilvelytė

Ukraine: The national final will be on 21 February with two semi-finals preceding on 6 February and 13 February.

Poland: A national final has been confirmed for 5 March.

Source: www.eurovision.tv

Viktoria Petryk hoping for Eurovision success in Ukraine with song by Ylva & Linda

Viktoria Petryk {copyright: musicme.com}
Viktoria Petryk {copyright: musicme.com}

Viktoria Petryk represented Ukraine at the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song Matrosy (Sailors) where she finished in second place. Viktoria was also a runner up in the 2014 Ukrainian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with Love Is Lord.

Now Viktoria is hoping for more success by trying to represent Ukraine at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with her brand new song Overload  composed by the Swedish duo Ylva and Linda Persson who produced the track with William Taylor. Viktoria will participate in the Ukrainian audition round in Odessa on 12 December.

Viktoria’s sister Anastasiya Petryk won the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Nebo.

You can hear Overload below.

Source: facebook.com/vik.petrik; www.esccovers.com


Interview: Anna Trincher (2015 JESC Ukraine)

Anna Trincer {copyright: NTU}
Anna Trincer {copyright: NTU}

Anna Trincher will represent Ukraine at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Pochny z sebe (Start With Yourself). Here Anna talks to esccovers.com about her music and career so far.

Hi Anna. First of all many congratulations on being selected to represent Ukraine at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Can you express what it felt like when you won the national selection?

My first reaction was that I could not believe it. When I was standing on stage and everybody was congratulating me. I did not understand what was going on around me, whether I was sleeping or not. I was extremely happy as I was waiting for something like this for so long. My team and I tried our best to reach this aim and I realised it should be now or never.

Can you tell us something about your song Pochny z sebe and what it is about?

The song is about changes. If a person wants to change something in life, first of all we should start with ourselves. For example, I am being a child can help a grandmother to cross the street or to give a place up for an elderly person on public transport. These are small things and actions a person can do everyday and it means we should start with ourselves if we want to change our world for a better place to live. Besides this the song has a philosophical meaning. Speaking about stage on stage performance I am talking on behalf of nature conveying the sacred idea of harmony and existence reminding a person about love in all it’s meanings. There will be a lotus flower on stage which symbolises enlightenment.

Have you watched previous Junior Eurovision shows on tv, and do you have any favourite songs from the contest?

Yes, sure I watch JESC every year. I have never missed the Ukrainian performances. I really think that all the Junior Eurovision songs are hits, every child artist is unique and charismatic. I like the winner of JESC 2014, Vicenzo for Italy. He has a strong voice and is really good. I like the representative from the Netherlands last year, Julia. She had a nice and joyful song. I like Gaia Cauchi from Malta, the winner of 2013 JESC, very much and many others.

Have you released any previous singles and videos? If so can you tell us about them?

Yes, sure, I have several video clips and cover versions of songs such as by One Direction (‘One Way Or Another’ and ‘Some Nights’), ‘Kraina mrii’ (the country of dreams), ‘Who’s Loving You’. I have a video clip for the song ‘Nebo znaie’ (the sky knows). I participated with this song at the 2014 Ukrainian national JESC selection. I also have my own You Tube channel where I upload the cover versions to different songs and also I have a video blog where I tell about my life. You can visit my You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk9qO_FlPd0zKv66mgVdQ8Q 

Have you participated in any other music contests or festivals?

I have participated in many other music contests such as Stolytsia zaproshuie (Capital invites), Solntse za nas (Sun is for us), Kiev Art Time. I also participated in the tv project – The Voice – Kids 2, 2014 JESC Ukraine national selection, New Wave Junior, 2014 Brighter Than Stars, Turkish OIympiad, Soloveiko Ukrainy (Nightingale of Ukraine).

Who are your musical influences?

In music I focus on Beyonce. She is very charismatic and energetic. She is alone like the whole show. Though I have never been at her concerts but even through the video from different concerts I can feel her energy, she inpires me much.

Did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest this year? Did you like the winning song ‘Heroes’ and what other songs did you like?

I like the song, ‘Heroes’, the winner of 2015 ESC in Austria. I 100% agree with the result of ESC 2015. I liked the idea of stage performance, it was really interesting. I also liked Polina Gagarina for Russia. Her song ‘A Million Voices’ is also in my top 3. Also, I liked the song by Loic for Belgium, ‘Rhythm Inside’. I really supported this song. Actually, I think all the songs from ESC and JESC are great hits.

We wish you lots of good luck in Sofia, Anna. Enjoy every minute of your experience.

You can see Anna perform Pochny z sebe below.




Article by William Fedor

Unfortunately the mere mention of the country’s name conjures up images of war and destruction for many people. Though there is fighting going on in a few corners of this vast fertile country, business is usual in most of Ukraine. Ukrainian people can be extremely patriotic of their country as highlighted during the Orange Revolution and the Euromaidan crisis, but they also love their music. Apart from giving speeches during Euromaidan, they would sing. Sing to keep warm and sing from their hearts because that’s what Ukrainians love doing, but both can always work together hand in hand. Ukrainian artists’ participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, has made Ukraine one of the strongest countries in the game. This has happened in the relatively short time frame since they first entered this nutty and outlandish annual competition so dear to all our hearts. But why have they been so successful, winning the votes of so many viewers every year?
It all started in 2003, when Oleksandr Ponomarinov took the stage. The performance stood out from the crowd with their ballet dancer in a music box, and operatic vocals. This was not enough to gather up enough attention to bring them even close to a win that year. However, Ukraine’s second attempt brought them much more success. Ruslana brought the trophy home the following year with her song ‘Wild Dances’. It was a proud moment for the country. She may have looked like a Xena clone to many onlookers. But many do not know that the performance incorporated elements of Ukrainian culture, specifically of the Carpathian Mountains. Ruslana is born and raised in the beautiful city of Lviv, not far from the Carpathian Mountains themselves. From the crazy outfits of both the singer and dancers, to the’ trembita’ (Alpine Horn-like instrument used in the opening of the performance). All of these are based on Ukrainian traditions. Since her win, Ruslana has not only furthered her career as a performer, but also gained popularity as an activist in her home country, especially during Euromaidan.
Ukraine’s status as the host country in 2005 was in jeopardy for a short time preceding the contest. The ‘Orange Revolution’, in which the newly elected president Victor Yanukovych was accused of rigging the votes, causing some uncertainty of the country´s ability to organise a large international event. They pulled it off however. At least as far as hosting goes. Their entry ´Razom nas bahato’ (Together we are many, we cannot be defeated) by GreenJolly was also the unofficial anthem of the rebellion. It’s highly relevant and politically charged lyrics may have been dear the hearts of many Ukrainians, but the international stage was not as receptive to this. Perhaps most of Europe, not understanding the language, could not fully grasp the point. Or perhaps Eurovision fans is not equal to hip-hop fans?
Years 2006 and onward have generally been quite successful for Ukraine. They have never failed to qualify for the Final. They have sent a string of solo female/female impersonating artists ever year, and have even come very close to winning on a couple of occasions. But what else do the most successful of their songs have in common? Well let’s look at all of their songs placing in the top 5.
Ruslana with ‘Wild Dances’ – 1st place in 2004
Verka Serducka with ‘Dancing Lasha Tumbai’ – 2nd place in 2007
Ani Lorak with ‘Shady Lady’ – 2nd place in 2008
Mika Newton with ‘Angel’ – 4th place in 2011
Zlata Ognevich with ‘Gravity’ – 3rd place in 2013

These songs do not necessarily fall into the same genre, nor are they even a similar tempo to each other. It’s probably not the fact that none of them have LOVE in their titles, which appeals to the crowds either. They all have a catchy tune however. A melody which someone could sing to in the shower, hum on their commute to work, or even Wild Dance to at their Sunday afternoon Zumba class.
The stage performances of all of these top placing songs are also all memorable, and not for the same reason. Ruslana was memorable for her great costumes and dancing, Verka for her over-the-top craziness which even snuck its way into the popular movie ‘Spy’ eight years later, Ani Lorak for her great props and smooth moves, Mika Newton with her sand painting and Zlata for the great implementation of computer graphics and of course the larger than like man carrying her onto the stage. One may conclude from this that a catchy tune and a memorable performance makes a promising Eurovision entry. But that’s not exactly new information. So what is it about this country that makes their artists so appealing? Perhaps it’s because of their love of music.
Unfortunately Ukraine were not able to participate in glitz and glamour of the 60th Eurovision contest in Vienna due to the current situation, much to the dismay of many fans. They were able to send an entry to Malta for the Junior Eurovision Contest with a symbolically charged entry highlighting their love for Ukrainian traditions, and they have continued along with a similar trend with their entry in Bulgaria this November.
Will the situation in Ukraine influence what type of entry will be sent to Stockholm in 2016. Could it be along the lines of patriotism and the love of Ukrainian traditions that they will sing from their heart and give us a performance that will allow them to claim that top spot. I guess we will have to wait and see.