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ESC Covers had been informed about a book which will soon be available. The book is called NO MORE KISSES FOR ME and the author is Gayle Hiller, the daughter of the composer Tony Hiller, who died last year. Tony, together with the two male members of Brotherhood of man, wrote the song SAVE YOUR KISSES FOR ME. This song was the Eurovision entry of the United Kingdom in 1976 and won. It also became one of the biggest selling singles ever, reaching the charts in over 40 countries. From what we have received, the book tells the sad story of a very successful composer but someone who left his wife and children for another life and there was no more kisses for his family. There are always two sides to a story and it is not up to ESC Covers to make a judgement but as the book is about someone who had a great influence on the Eurovision song contest, we felt it was important to give some exposure to the book. Hopefully Gayle also got some kind of closure on a horrible time in her life by writing the book and putting everything in words, This is usually a big step in the healing process. The story is also of importance to ESC Covers as of Monday when we start our 20 week project about 20 Eurovision winners and covers of those winners, we actually start off with SAVE YOUR KISSES FOR ME. We have more than 20 covers of this song, but only 5 will be highlighted in the 5 weekdays next week.