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2021 Eurovision in review

2021 Eurovision in review – 39 countries and songs.

Comments, reviews and video’s for all 39 songs competing at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam.

Bojana Radovanović releases new song ‘Sve mi daj’

Bojana Radovanović

Bojana Radovanović has released a brand new song entitled Sve mi daj (Give me everything). It is a powerful Balkan pop song with a strong production and sung beautifully by Bojana and her clear vocals.

Sve mi daj is composed by Henny and Relja Torinno – R’. The arrangement and mastering is by Henny.

Bojana represented Serbia at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Svet. She was a popular contestant on ‘Pinkove Zvezdice’ show in Serbia and went all the way to the Superfinal.

You can see the official music video for Sve mi daj below. You can follow Bojana at her official Instagram @bojanaradovanovic_official .

Source: ESC Covers



Junior Eurovision Day 2 Serbia-Russia-Poland

As the countdown to this years contest continues, a further 3 teaser clips were released today on the Junior Eurovision channel.

First up this morning was Serbia‘s entry by Petar Aničić.

Sporting a striking striped suit that could see him in contention for the Barbara Dex award for Junior Eurovision, the teaser suggests that Petar’s staging has him alone on stage with a piano.

The teaser for Russia‘s entry ‘My new day’ by Sofia Feskova made a brief appearance, but for reasons unknown, was taken down and re-appeared the following day.

Alone on stage wearing a beautiful sky blue dress, the teaser suggests that viewers can expect pitch perfect vocal performance on Sunday.


The final teaser clip of the day was for Poland‘s entry I’m still standing by Ala Tracz.

Lots of dancers on stage here – both real and virtual!  and a miraculous change of dress mid song: Hint: Expect a Bucks Fizz type moment during her final performance.

Serbia: Petar Aničić releases full version of ‘Heartbeat’

Petar Aničić @RTS
Petar Aničić @RTS

Petar Aničić will sing Heartbeat for Serbia at the forthcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The full version of Heartbeat and the official music video have now been released.

Heartbeat is a ballad and in the video clip Petar does some rowing. The video was filmed in Belgrade and Ada in Serbia.

You can see the music video preview clip for Heartbeat below.

Source: ESC Covers; junioreurovision.tv


‘Ljubav u Bojama’ is the new single by Nevena

Nevena from the music video of 'Ljubab u Bojama'
Nevena from the music video of ‘Ljubab u Bojama’

Nevena has released a new song entitled Ljubav u Bojama (Love in colours).

Ljubav u Bojama is a change of style for Nevena with an electro 80s feel. The track is composed by Nevena and produced and arranged by Boris Krstajić.

Nevena Božović represented Serbia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Kruna. She also represented her country at the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and was a member of Moje 3, the Serbian representatives at Eurovision in 2013

You can see the official music video for Ljubav u Bojama below.

Source: ESC Covers