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AFRI MUSIC AWARD – Song most likely to be covered in another language

Roy van der Merwe of ESC Covers website was responsible for one of the 4 side awards during the second Afri music song contest – that for SONG MOST LIKELY TO BE COVERED IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. As ESC Covers is a website that concentrates on songs of Eurovision being covered by other people in other languages it fell into the scope of the website to introduce this also in the Afri music song contest. Three songs were considered – South Africa, Zambia and Ghana and in the end the award went to the song composed by Ylva and Linda Persson and sung by Linda Kilian from South Africa.




Next up in our series of South African artists who registered for the first Afri music song contest and have done Eurovision covers is LINDA KILIAN. Linda covered the 2014 Eurovision entry from Sweden – UNDO of Sanna Nielsen as Hoor jy my. he also covered several other Sanna songs, mostly Swedish selection songs. Other euro covers were done in duets with different partners and all in English. 2016 Denmark – Soldiers of love with Lufuno, Lithuania 2015 – I feel love with Rian Swanepoel and Sweden 2003 – Give me your love with Ruhan du Toit. Not sure what Linda will enter into Afri music song contest – but hopefully some more Euro covers, both solo and with duet partners.



Linda Kilian’s new CD HOOR JY MY (Do you hear me) contains no less than 6 Sanna Nielsen covers, two in English and four in Afrikaans. Mad events has kindly donated two CD’s to us and one will be given to Sanna herself and the other one is up for grabs in a competition. Before we get to the competition, here is information on the six covers

01 – HEART OF MINE – same title as it is covered in English

02 – I’M IN LOVE, Sanna’s 2011 selection song – same title as it is covered in English

03 – VAGAR DU, VAGAR JAG, Sanna’s 2007 selection song – SAL JY WAAG (Will you take a risk)

04 – IF YOU WERE MINE – EK DINK AAN JOU (I think about you)

05 – EMPTY ROOM, Sanna’s 2008 selection song – SO ALLEEN (So alone)

06 – UNDO, Sanna’s 2014 Eurovision entry – HOOR JY MY (Do you hear me)

Now how to win this CD? Do a comment on this post and tell us your favourite of the 6 Sanna songs and why. One lucky fan will win this CD. If that person is in Stockholm, he or she will get it there, otherwise we will post it to you once Eurovision is over


In South Africa different radio stations have their own top 20 (some even a top 40). The charts of each radio station reflects of course their audience. This one is very AFRIKAANS orientated and if you look, all but one song (from Taylor Swift) is by SOUTH AFRICAN artists and of these 19 by South African artists, only ONE is in ENGLISH, the others are in Afrikaans. The English one is a EUROVISION song, Sweden’s 2003 entry GIVE ME YOUR LOVE. It was suppose to be covered in Afrikaans but the producers felt it could do better in English because of the lyrics.