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Listen: Christine Restakyan with her cover of ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’ by Whitney Houston

Christine Restakyan
Christine Restakyan

Christine Restakyan has released a beautiful interpretation of the Whitney Houston song, I Didn’t Know My Own Strength. Christine’s vocals are powerful and soulful and crystal clear on the charming ballad.

Christine is a singer and songwriter from Georgia. One of her delightful self compositions was the song Maybe that she released in 2018. She has made several cover recordings also and you can follow her on her official YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Christina3895

Christine did submit a song for the Armenian Eurovision selection this year. Maybe we will see her perform on the Eurovision stage in the near future with Georgia or Armenia or another country.

You can see Christine singing I Didn’t Know My Own Strength below.

Source: ESC Covers