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Today we will introduce the second ESCCovers competition, this time heading to SPAIN.

Someone wrote that “Never before the I  Latino community has turned on Spain this way”.

For us in South Africa it is a little hard to understand why the Eurovision fans (especially the Spanish speaking ones) have such a universal hate for this song. Yes it is no master piece but there has been far worst songs in Eurovision over the years.

We have a copy of the promo single of Manel Navarro’s DO IT FOR YOUR LOVER to win (hopefully there is someone who wants to win it).

This is what you have to do.

1 – Like the post on the Eurovision coverage facebook

2 – Write to roy@esccovers.com an e-mail and explain to us why this song provoked such hate

All entries will be put in a hat and one will be drawn as winner. That person will then be asked to send us his/her postal address.


Manel Navarro will sing ‘Do It For Your Lover’ for Spain

Manel Navarro {copyright: twitter.com}
Manel Navarro {copyright: twitter.com}

Manel Navarro was declared the winner of Objetivo Eurovisión 2017 and will represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest with Do It For Your Lover in Ukraine in May.

Six acts competed –

  1. Manel Navarro – Do It For Your Lover
  2. LeKlein – Ouch!! 
  3. Paula Rojo – Lo Que Nunca Fue
  4. Mario Jefferson – Spin My Head
  5. Maika – Momento Crítico
  6. Mirela – Contigo 

Manel Navarro won the overall jury vote and Mirela won the public vote. There was a draw on 58 points each. The “expert” jury then decided two to one that Manel would win and represent Spain. It was not a popular choice for the audience in the studio and many fans watching.

You can see Manel perform his “winning” song below.

Source: ESC Covers