Svetlana Agarval releases her new single ‘Bolshe tebya’

Svetlana Agarval has released her latest single called Bolshe tebya (More than you). It is a positive and upbeat and powerful track with a strong beat and production.

Bolshe tebya is composed by Alexey Zheleznyak. The track should have been recorded in Kiev, Ukraine but due to Covid-19 restrictions the song was completed remotely. The track is already on Russian radio playlists and is available to purchase or stream from all digital platforms.


Svetlana Agarval is  a popular singer from Belarus and she specialises in pop with Indian styles and exotic rhythms. She has successfully taken part in top festivals such as the 2011 Slavianski Bazaar and the Eastern Bazaar in Yalta, Crimea in 2012.

Svetlana represented Belarus at the 2020 Türkvizyon Song Contest online contest with Meni Anla.

You can see the music video for Bolshe tebya below.

Source: ESC Covers

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