STAR OF THE WEEK is a project by INFE South Africa and INFE Ireland, in which throughout the week the attention is focused on 1 singer, duo or group.

Gigliola Cinquetti is this week’s STAR OF THE WEEK and today’s song is:
Sì, the Italian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 1974, which finished second behind ABBA and their song Waterloo. The song was written by Mario Panzeri, Daniele Pace, Lorenzo Pilat and Corrado Conti. Italian broadcaster RAI censored the song due to concerns the name and lyrics of the song could be accused of being a subliminal message and a form of propaganda to influence the Italian voting public to vote YES in the referendum on divorce in 1974. The song remained censored on most Italian state TV and radio stations for over a month. As a consequence, the song failed to enter to Top 40 chart in Italy, and still remains one of the lesser known Eurovision entries in the country.

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