Morten Thomassen from Norway is in Turin and watched on line the second  rehearsals on the first 5 countries. Here are his thoughts. It is done in NORWEGIAN and ESC Covers have used google translate to get it into English.


This song we did not see when they rehearsed, so comment on only one short clip that is out. No doubt that the first semi final started with a fresh kick, here it is full of energy from the first second, in the small clip we saw. The vocals were maybe a little screaming, but this lady will start the party in a great way. And there is some eye candy as well.


Full speed from the first moment, this is funky to the thousand degree. They turn it on a lot of energy, vegetarian songs you obviously get a lot out of. Feels that the performance itself is too messy and that these guys do not appear as a group, but more 6 guys who try to shine on their own. But more people will surely eat more salad in future.


We slow down a lot for this sing, but this is not slack stuff. There is something immediately sexy and very seductive with this song and this will probably appeal to many. It’s always dangerous to be on stage alone, but Monika manages that very well.


This is an absolutely beautiful song that I immediately fall for pretty much. Morten’s sentiment on this song is obviously in huge contrast to ESC Covers who have this song in last place. Unfortunately, Marius is not able to deliver this song in a way that makes it want to capture and engage many people, I’m afraid. It will be too tame and meaningless if he does not sharpen up.


Disco is basically cool, but when it is done in this way, it is as gigantic cult as a song can be. Young handsome boys can initially be mega-charming, but these guys have simply skipped all the lessons at the charm school. It appears unfortunately.

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