Rising star JEVAGA releases official video clip for debut single ‘A potom’

A new and rising star to look out for is JEVAGA. She has just released the official music video for her first single, A potom (And then). The pop song is about love that always lives, despite the distance and time.

The track is composed by the hugely successful Giga Kukhianidze who has three times been the winning composer of theJunior Eurovision Song Contest for Georgia. The lyrics are by Maka

The music video for A potom is directed by Khatuna Giorgobiani. Filming for the video took place in Georgia.

JEVAGA’s real name is Ekaterina Maikova, who is 34 years old, and born in Ukraine.  She said “From my childhood I had a dream to be a singer. I performed in the National Palace of Arts in Ukraine, as a member of the Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble. I was also singing in the Veryovka Ukrainian Folk Choir,” JEVAGA explains. “My relatives convinced me to study management. After I got married and gave birth to children.”  Ekaterina says, “In 2020, I realised that I can do what I dream about. I need to remove
fears and do what I feel. My mission is to show on my own example to all women from different ages that it is not important who you are, what is your status, age, background and the main thing is a dream. And you can do everything if you want it by your heart.
Nothing is impossible.”

You can see the official video clip for A potom below.

Source: ESC Covers


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