Morten Thomassen wrote today on the chances of ALEJANDRO FUENTES and his song FUEGO to qualify from semi final 2. ESC Covers google translated the story from Norwegian to English.

Some artists obviously have a greater sense of musical competitions than others and there is actually nothing wrong with that.

Arenas for artists in Norway do not work if you want to reach a large audience, and Alejandro Fuentes probably has that when he is back in MGP for the second time.

Like some others in this final, he took his first nationwide steps into the music industry as a participant in Idol.

It happened back in 2005 and since then he has had what by Norwegian standards can be called a good career as a singer.

“Fuego” is the name of his song, it means still fire in Norwegian and has little in common with a song that came second in ESC a few years ago.

However, there is a good dose of maturity in this song as well, Alejandro is true to his native Spanish in this song.

Whether he is equally happy that he has to compete against another four-piece song in the same semi-final is unknown, here they could possibly steal votes from each other.

I actually think this match will be won by the person who appears the most genuine and real on stage on Saturday.

Perhaps the 18 years of experience that Alejandro has may mean that he thus draws the longest straw.

In itself, I think the song feels like something I’ve heard before, it places itself quite safely in the department of Latino pop with rhythms without the rhythms taking off completely.

Does young Fuentes have one trick up his sleeve that will make him stand out sufficiently on Saturday is possibly the big question here.

Photo credits – NRK

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