Morten Thomassen now starts looking at the songs in the third semi final in Norway. ESC Covers again google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Personally, I think that absolutely all musical and personal expressions are welcome in MGP and now it’s been a while since we saw a drag artist.

Then it’s great fun that Skrellex comes to visit our musical universe.

Kai Thomas Larsen, who is the person behind this character, has been doing this for years and he has impressed vocally, which is not always the case when it comes to drag artists.

Not unexpectedly, we are served real hard-core beat music and who doesn’t love beat music?

The exact answer to that question is, well, a little too many, this type of music has a love/hate relationship with many.

I’m on the love team and think this is a cool song, the party atmosphere is definitely going through the roof and I’m sure it will be a colorful party on stage.

And I’ll be offended if there isn’t at least one costume change in the song.

On the negative side, I think the song is a little too repetitive and there is a little too little happening in the song, but that can be repaired with a memorable stage show.

Then Skrellex who sings the song “Love Again” can perform again in Trondheim.

Photo credits – NRK

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