North Macedonia: Martija releases lyrics video for ‘Vozbuda i Ljubov’ from 2019 Makfest


Martija has released a lyrics video for her 2019 Makfest song, Vozbuda i Ljubov (Excitement and love). The song is very contemporary with a strong production and upbeat and feelgood vibe.

Vozbuda i Ljubov is composed by Aleksandar Masevski (who wrote Martija’s classy song at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for FYR Macedonia, Love Will Lead The Way).

The lyrics video is by Bojan Stojkovski.

Martija Stanojković continues to impress with her music and performances.

We hope to bring you a video of Martija’s performance of Vozbuda i Ljubov at Makfest very soon. In the meantime check out the lyrics music video below.

Source: ESC Covers

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