Morten Thomassen has watched the first rehearsal of the 2022 Eurovision song contest semifinal 2 and gave his impressions. He did it in Norwegian and ESC Covers google translated it into English.

The start of this semi-final is basically quite sweet and fast-paced, they can do this by making cool opening shows, I must say. I think the three presenters did quite well in the first show and I reckon they do well in this show as well, we have seen worse.

Melody 1 – Finland – Roll the dice 4

The honor of opening this show went to our Finnish friends. I’m pretty sure they’re taking good care of that honor. Finally we get a rock song that smells a bit of gunpowder, very easy to see that these have lasted for a few years. The stage show is a bit messy and a bit without goals and meaning. Had probably also expected a more impressive vocal, it gets a little strained at times. However, yellow is obviously cool here as well.

Melody 2 – Israel – Dice Roll 4

Also in this semifinal, song 2 is actually a notch more party than the song that starts. The guy we get to know now is super-full of the energy and not least the attitude such a song requires. And what he lacks in strength in the vocals, he makes up for with a charm quite a few will be able to like. When ethnic “screaming” is thrown in, it is probably not better seen with ESC eyes.

Melody 3 – Serbia – Roll the dice 5

Finally, this competition was washed away, you could almost say. There’s something hypnotic about this song and I’m pretty hooked on it. Many will probably find this too strange and inaccessible, so the question is whether many enough will fall for this. Fortunately for the lady, she has these pat sequences that many will like. Decent vocals without impressing, cool song nethertheless.

Melody 4 – Azerbaijan – Roll the dice 5

What do you do when the song you have may not be all world innovative and original. Then you have to come up with a show that at least appears to be quite innovative and original. I’m not quite sure if this will catch on anyway. One feels that the artist believes in his own song and manages to convey what he sings. And the singing itself is impeccable.

Melody 5 – Georgia – Roll the dice 2

Many people think ESC is a circus, so what better way than a band consisting of people who had intended to become a circus artist? Can possibly sound like a good idea on paper, on stage the doubt of the whole idea begins to come. The melody is sometimes very monotonous, the next so much that it gets a little annoying. Throw in a stage show but do not quite understand the point and then it hardly helps that the vocals are decent enough.

Melody 6 – Malta – Roll the dice 3

Starting to sing a song with trembling vocals is rarely a winning recipe. It picks up, but never gets really good. This is supposed to be an uplifting song, but I do not feel particularly uplifted here. There is something bland about the whole song that lies there and bothers me a little during the whole song. That the power of the song is lacking in a suitable amount in the performance does not make things better.

Melody 7 – San Marino – Dice Roll 5

It’s not exactly very surprising that some of this year’s songs have a musical genre community with the song that won last year. Most people who fall into this “trap” get a bang for not being good enough. That’s exactly what I do not think the artist on this song does. The lyrics to the song may have been bought cheaply, but what happens on stage oozes a cool form of originality.

Melody 8 – Australia – Roll the dice 5

The longest-traveling artist was probably most overweight on the plane as well. The costume should weigh no less than 40 kilos, but, he who sings has the strength needed to wear such a costume. And he has the strength left to deliver a great vocal performance as well. He also makes a great show that emphasizes the seriousness of the song. From the front, I would really call this.

Melody 9 – Cyprus – Roll the dice 3

Then this island state will try to seduce us again with carpentry dance and ethnic rhythms. Unfortunately, it may seem as if the lady forgot to show up for charm classes. When the vocal bars are like that in the middle of the tree and this feels like a cold breeze it in a really warm and delicious song it grinds for me. I’m facing this beach party.

Melody 10 – Ireland – Roll the dice 4

Occasionally there is a song that is unreservedly happy and does not pretend that there are other purposes behind it. It seems to be sung completely inside when we talk about such a song. Vocally, this is acceptable when the artist moves as much as she does. If this creates a lot of atmosphere, this can lead to the final perhaps.

Melody 11 – Northern Macedonia – Dice roll 3

If you go in circles, you really do not get anywhere. Because even if it is sprayed with a good amount of empathy on stage, this song does not quite manage to break out of the suitably meaningless circle the song is in. Decent enough vocals, but the stage show is so boring that many at this point realize a possible opening to take a pee break.

Melody 12 – Estonia – Roll the dice 4

You do not have to be Cowboy-Laila to understand why this guy has been named Estonia’s sexiest man. But, nice face does not necessarily mean good voice, but in this case, this guy possibly stood far ahead in many groups at various awards. Great and strong vocals same with a good dose of charm have never hurt.

Melody 13 – Romania – Dice roll 3

Then we need some partying and fun and luckily take some responsibility. When countries you do not think of as a Latino country try, there may be reason for skepticism. I feel that the Romanian artist is ashamed. It is sung and danced at a fairly high tempo. But, the last little power a real Latino artist will produce is lacking here, it’s fast – paced, but also a bit tame at the same time.

Melody 14 – Poland – Roll the dice 4

So the song those who set odds think our song should fight hardest against. It is currently 7th place that is being fought for. First, however, our Polish friend will go to the final and if you believe the same people I mentioned earlier, this song has a percentage about the same chance as Norway had. However, very good vocals notwithstanding, there are some bland things that bother this song in my ears.

Melody 15 – Montenegro – Roll the dice 3

There is no shortage of serious themes among this year’s lyrics, however, to sing about a mother who the corona epidemic quickly took on some of the gloomiest things one can think of. The song itself has something, but this is messed up in a slightly too stingy performance. When the vocals get a little shaky and a little cutting at times, it loses a lot of the power such a song should have.

Melody 16 – Belgium – Dice roll 4

This country has had good success with a number of young artists, so then someone probably thought that it should be used this year as well. This sounds young and cool and the artist has a vulnerable radiance that fits well with this song. Vocals get a little strenuous at times, but here it fits in a bit so does not draw as much for this. Still not quite sure if this will catch on when it comes.

Melody 17 – Sweden – Roll the dice 5

That something as stripped down as this can catch is possibly a little difficult to understand. But, now it is even the case that some artists have the so-called x-factor that is needed. Here it is enough to sit on the floor, have a small screen and sing the braid off, with a slightly rusty voice, because rusty sometimes in fact. Regardless, here is served a fervor that few artists can possess, can be magical minutes this.

Melody 18 – Czech Republic – Dice roll 5

Most people have probably realized that the group that is performing now is 2/3 Norwegian. Together with someone else, they have made the song to end this evening’s party. Typical build-up with a slightly slow start before the party starts. And I firmly believe that this will be a party many people want to join in and when it is also delivered well on the vocals, there is little to get hung up on here.

We are served another good half hour with various break features before the last ten countries are called up.

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