Morten Thomassen is still busy looking at reactions on the voting scandal and focused on ROMANIA.  He wrote in Norwegian as usual and ESC Covers google translated it to English.

The waves after this year’s voting scandal have certainly not subsided, at least not in Romanian waters.

This TV station has repeated its innocence and explained in detail what happened on their side, however, what is obviously most burning is that the EBU announced the cheating quite late.

One must believe that since the juries who voted in semifinal 2 did this on Wednesday night, these results should be in the EBU’s hands early on Thursday and Romanian TV believes that they should have been told that the jury votes they had given would not be approved.

They should not have received the message until Saturday afternoon when it was to be agreed how their votes should be read out, when they were told that their 12 points should be given to Ukraine and not Moldova as they themselves had voted until victory.

And the claim during the broadcast that the EBU chief Martin Österdahl had to read out the votes from 3 countries due to technical errors, they snort, the problem must obviously have been that the EBU feared that those who were to read out the votes would say that they gave “wrong” country top their score since their original votes were rejected by the EBU.

Let’s be a little fair to Romanian TV and the 5 others who are supposed to have cheated and believe that they have not cheated, because I understand that they react since they are obviously fielded on the fact that advanced mathematics says that they have cheated.

One has to wonder how this should be agreed in the first place, I doubt that those who sat on the juries of these countries had any idea who sat on the other juries.

This is information I myself searched for during the ESC period, the only thing I found out was who sat on the jury of Belgium and Australia when local websites had written cases about this.

I found the Norwegian jury by chance since I am a Facebook friend of JOWST who posted a picture of the jury since he himself was part of it, I thus conclude that if it has been cheated then it has happened at a higher level in the system.

Is there reason to believe that the delegations of these 6 countries have agreed among themselves in Turin and then told how it should be voted now that it was time for it.

I also find it strange that those who sat on the juries should have agreed to be told that they had to give 5 countries points as the TV station asked them for and the rest of the votes they could give as they wished.

Have really 30 jury members in these 6 countries been so easy to “buy” to possibly help themselves to a final place, in which case it is probably the biggest scandal.

So one can wonder why the EBU has not published the names of those who were members of these juries, are they really trying to put the blame on the TV stations and shield those who on paper have performed the “cheat”?

Do you have a feeling that this case is not completely over, it is strange to judge someone for cheating without them being given the opportunity to defend themselves against such an accusation and if the verdict is upheld, will any of these countries boycott next year’s finals?

Will it be as in the picture, Romania turns its back on our beloved competition?

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