Mista releases brand new single ‘Prežijem s láskou’

Mista {copyright: Mista Music}
Mista {copyright: MistaMusic}

Mista returns with a brand new single entitled Prežijem s láskou (I will live with love). It is a mid-tempo pop song with lyrics that mean a lot to Mista This song is my personal testimonial. I wrote it about a man who will realise what is really important only when he comes to the end of his life. At that moment he only wants to turn back time so that he can fix everything and live his life again and – to live with love”.

The music and lyrics are by Mista, Stano Šimor and Mavooi. The production on the track is by Mavooi and the executive producer is Stano Šimor. The track is courtesy of MistaMusic.

Mista was runner up in the 2010 Slovakian Eurovision national selection but has since gone on to have many hits in Slovakia, Czech Republic and various parts of Europe and Asia.

You can see the official video clip for Prežijem s láskou below.

Source: ESC Covers

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