Although the road to the Eurovision 2018 Grand Final, unfortunately, ended for eight countries last night as they did not each the final, they are also winners as they made it to Eurovision 2018. With 43 countries taking part and only 26 in the final, we all knew 17 countries would not be there. We already said goodbye to 9, and now the final 8 not to make it are:

Georgia: Ethno Jazz Band Iriao “For You”

Beautiful song but maybe a little bias as I was in Tbilisi November 2017 for Junior Eurovision and loved every moment

Latvia: Laura Rizzotto “Funny Girl”

So sad for this, Latvia is my favourite country in Eurovision and the delegation work so hard withe much less people than most other delegations

Malta: Christabelle “Taboo”

Big fan of Thomas Gson songs but I think the staging was not helping the song at all

Montenegro: Vanja Radovanović “Inje”

One of the nicest artists in the press conferences and a very good song but I fear we have had too many similar songs over the years

Poland: Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer “Light Me Up”

This looked and sounded too similar to Norway 2017 for me and as such did not grab my attention

Romania: The Humans “Goodbye”

I like this but had a feeling we will say goodbye to them as the background had just too many masks

Russia: Julia Samoylova “I Won’t Break”

I like the song but thought her 2017 song was more catchy. But Russia kept their promise and brought Julia again in 2018 and I am proudlwy wearing today a t-shirt I got from the delergation

San Marino: Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening “Who We Are”

I have always been a fan of San Marino mainly because I am attacked to the smaller countries and of course Ralph Siegel but you had fantastic videos entered on line and I think you picked totally the wrong song

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