Kejdi Spahiu runs for primaries for Municipality of Berat in Albania

Kejdi Spahiu is running for the primaries in respect of the Democratic Party for the Municipality of Berat in Albania.

Kejdi, 23, presented her case stating –

“My name is Kejdi Spahiu 23 years old and I’m running for the primaries of the Democratic Party for the Municipality of Berat.

As a young Albanian I feel pain when I see my country in this state.
Change has to start somewhere, within yourself or your city. I consider the decision to enter primary as part of an effort to change the situation in which our vedni is.
I think the time has come not only for empty answers, but for actions.

So I decided to take over this task and by the word duty I mean it towards the citizens of Beratas.

We know Berat’s wounds: unemployment, migration to the capital of especially foreign countries, and the daily struggle to secure a tomorrow for himself and family.
I love my city, here I was born and raised and here I want to give all my contribution.

Problems in the city of Berat are numerous starting from education which is the basis of development, continuing with neighborhoods like Vakefi or November 28 which belong to a Berat leaving 100 years behind and roads in miserable condition.

Health is another big concern: the lack of doctors forces every citizen to head to private hospitals.

And the main thing, for a city like Berat, is tourism. The only thing of our time is Pedestrian as 100 meters away passes into the middle ages.

With the hope of victory and faith in God, today I feel the need to ask for the support of all the citizens of Berat to move forward together, and joining forces we will be invincible”.

Kejdi’s sister, Onanta Spahiu, has previously taken part in Festivali i Këngës national selections and other festivals in Albania.

Source: ESC Covers


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