Interview: Uzari (2015 ESC Belarus)


Uzari & Maimuna represented Belarus at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with Time. ESC Covers talked with Uzari about his new album, ‘Say Wow’ and his experience at Eurovision and about his career.

1. Hello Uzari. Congratulations on the release of your new album, ‘Say Wow’. Can you tell us about the album and inspirations you had with the songs?
Hi, thank you very much! Talking about the main concept of the album, I would say that it reflects the colours and tones of our lives. Every day we fall in love, we feel like heroes, we feel joy, we get inspired or sad, even angry sometimes. This is where I find inspiration: in emotions and feelings. I think everyone may find something in these songs that will touch something inside. Because the lyrics are filled with meaning, some of the thoughts are really deep.
2. Is there a lead single from the album? Can you tell us about this and if there will be a video clip?
Yes, definitely. It is the song ‘Say Wow’. I think it’s a nice and original name of the album. We’re thinking about a music video, maybe a little bit later we’ll do it.
3. Are there any collaborations on the new album?
Yes, we had an interesting collaboration with American hip-hop artist Toure Masters. Imagine, we’ve created a song while being located on different continents, this is crazy!!
4. Where can readers purchase or stream the new album ‘Say Wow’?
The new album ‘Say Wow’ is available at all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. If you follow this link you will see all of them and may choose what you prefer:
5. It was back in 2015 that you represented Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest together with Maimuna with ‘Time’. What were your memories and experience of that journey?
Eurovision gave me so many impressions and friends I didn’t have before, I have very warm memories of that time. It was a great experience despite the fact that I didn’t qualify for the final. I am always open for collaborations and anyone can reach out for me in social media: @uzarinawrocki.
6. Do you still keep in touch with Maimuna? Have you worked with her since Eurovision?
I don’t have anything common with Maimuna in a creative sense. We are very different from each other and only such a powerful song as ‘Time’ might connect us. After Eurovision we are back in our areas of self-sufficient activity and projects.

7. Do you have any plans to participate in Eurovision again either as a performer or composer?

First of all, UZARI haven’t been on Eurovision as solo artist!! I took part as back-vocalist, composer and as part of a duet. And I am grateful to everyone who worked with me. It was very cool. I can say that Eurovision is a family and if you’ve been there once, you want to come back again. It’s true! I am open for collaboration and of course I have my own ideas.
8. Please tell us a little about your previous song releases.
The goal of my previous most significant works was to update the musical trends of my country and to spread Belarusian culture abroad. Especially the album ‘Padziaka Serca’.
9. Have you participated in any music festivals in Belarus and other countries? If so, please tell us about this.
Yes, there were different festivals, but I would notice Laima Rendez Vous festival in Latvia. Because it has a special atmosphere and a high level of artists. My performances there have become a tradition for me.
10. Who are your musical inspirations?
Talking about those who inspire me, there are some artists who took part in Eurovision: Waylon, Jamala, Loreen, Guy Sebastian.
Thank you, Uzari. Good luck with the new album and keep safe.

Check out a sample of the ‘Say Wow’ album below.

Source: ESC Covers

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