I always like campaigns that are build along a specific song and I was raking my brain to find a suitable one from EUROVISION for this, but this song from 1981 by ODYSSEY is going through my brain non spot. This is despite me disliking the song, as I am not fund of disco songs and US songs in general. But this really is portraying how I feel at this moment.
A week full of turmoil and now I think it is time to stop this and going back to my roots.
I am putting it on the website on purpose and also at this time.
The whole idea is that OGAE REST OF THE WORLD is going back to its roots, how ANDY and I started it in 2005 and how it got approved to the network in May 2006 in Athens, Greece.
Since Copenhagen there had been a lot of pressure on me to change R O W fundamentally and I have always been open for chance but it just is NON STOP. The moment you allow something, then people want more and more and more and more – well, we go back to our roots and in the next days I will give more detail. For the majority of R O W members/fans this will probably mean no change in their lives, for some, they probably will be happy that we go back to our core values but there will be some who will not like this (but you never can please everybody and as I have said, some will never be happy with whatever chances are made).
So OGAE R O W will again be there like it has been for the past 10 years for fans of EUROVISION who subscribe to what R O W stands for, DIFFERENT CULTURES but ONE PASSION (Eurovision).
Most of you have probably been unaware of what has been happening since Copenhagen and now since Vienna. I do not want to wash dirty laundry anymore, so on advise from our legal person, all Andy and I will do is take the club take to what it was created for and those that will prescribe to those values, will be happy to stay with us, unfortunately those that are not happy, have two options
1 – accept it or
2 – leave and find another club who will reflect those values they regard as important.
Andy and I have both mentioned this often and I will again say it
1 – neither he nor me needs the club for us to ENJOY EUROVISION as we have never taken ticket packages
2 – we both prefer rather a small dedicated member/fan base than a large one which come to us thinking they can change R O W to suit them
It is a fan club, not a large corporation with tons of rules and people should want to be here for the enjoyment it brings to share EUROVISION with others.
This is the basic idea of the new campaign and in the next days we will just spell out a few more details.

One thought on “GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Roy. You got my complete support and respect for such a great job that you guys have been doing for the last ten years!!!

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