ESC  Covers got Norbert Pannemann from INFE IRELAND to watch for us semi-final 2, 1st dress rehearsal of the 2021 Eurovision song contest.

Before the hosts Edsilia, Jan, Nikkie and Chantal welcomed all viewers, break dancer Redo and singer/songwriter Eefje de Visser opened the show with an impressive act.
After the introduction it is time for the songs:
1. San Marino, lively song and performance, chances of qualifying 70%
2. Estonia, good song and vocals, chances of qualifying 60%
3. Czech Republic, average song, shaky vocals, chances of qualifying 50%
4. Greece, very good song, great performance, chances of qualifying 80%
5. Austria, average song but good vocals, chances of qualifying 30%
6. Poland, typical 80’s song, shaky vocals, chances of qualifying 50%
7. Moldova, disappointing performance of an ok song, chances of qualifying 50%
8. Iceland, very good staging with a few gimmicks for this one, chances of qualifying 80%
9. Serbia, average song, not very impressing, chances of qualifying 40%
10. Georgia, dark staging which fits the song, chances of qualifying 60%
11. Albania, great vocals, good song, chances of qualifying 50%
12. Portugal, the dark horse of the contest? Beautiful staging, chances of qualifying 70%
13. Bulgaria, sweet song, beautiful staging, chances of qualifying 60%
14. Finland, good rock song, maybe not everyone’s taste, chances of qualifying 80%
15. Latvia, insecure vocals to this deviant song, chances of qualifying 20%
16. Switzerland, Impressive vocals and dance, chances of qualifying 70%
17. Denmark, happy song, colourful performance, chances of qualifying 80%
The 1st interval act is Close Encounter of Special Kind in which we see dancer and choreographer Ahmed Joudeh and BMX-er Dez Maarsen in a stunning performance.
The 2nd interval act is a short film with more Eurovision winners and the 3rd interval act is another Eurovision tutorial by Nikkie.
Before the voting there are performances of the direct finalists France, the United Kingdom and Spain.
After watching a great 1st rehearsal of semi-2 this are the 10 qualifiers according to INFE Ireland, but remember: it’s not a prediction, just a personal opinion:
San Marino, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Georgia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark

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