ROBERT OVEREEM from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but currently on holiday in Colombia, South America sent us the following.

As a Eurovision collector and  singer for more than 25 years, both started at the same tie, I later put the two together and started to sing those classic Eurovision songs myself that I had been listening tii and enjoyed so much. I said, if I like them, others must like then too. Original artists could mostly not sing them themselves anymore (too old or have passed away), so I started doing so. At first I only did golden oldies Eurovision songs but recently have also look at newer songs.

With many songs recorded, here are some statistics.

1 – I did 4 number 1’s (winning songs)

2 – I did 7 last places

3 – I did 6 pre selection songs

4 – And also two non Eurovision related songs but songs I just like a lot

Language wise there are songs in French (4), English (14), Italian (4), Dutch (5) and then 2 each in German, Finnish, Spanish and Portuguese. Last one each in Bosnian,  Norwegian and Swedish.

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