1. This song is one of my favourite songs for 2016. And seeing that it finished last from the second semi am surprised,
    Maybe i have bad taste in music lol. Anyways i like this style of music it was sung well and performed well dressed nice with her Blueish hair which is cool.

  2. Also one of my favorite songs. I feel it has longevity and very “Eurovision” in style. Lyrics are good and her vocals continued to improve since the Swiss national final. The blue hair, however, seemed so random to introduce at Eurovision, instead of introducing it far earlier so we’d make the connection. Also, I’ve heard comments about her bouncing up and down during her performance and now it’s all I can remember.
    The ramifications of her performance, though, are longer lasting. We were standing at the green room exit and she ignored the well-wishers who had gathered to express their love for her. The next day, a Swiss fan had run into Rykka earlier in the day and said she had taken it very hard (the picture she took of Rykka was so very sad). Now I see the Swiss have closed Eurovision entries to those with very narrow ties to Switzerland. Wonder what Celine Dion and her trophy would have to say about that.

  3. Not one of my favourites at all. From seeing her interviewed she’s a lovely girl but it just seemed a bland song and not a spectacular performance.

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