1. This was my favourite song for 2016. I was disappointed that it didnt make it into the final.
    A beautiful lady and a great song, we should be going to Norway 2017 not Ukraine. Not happy Europe what was everyone thinking Voting for GEORGIA and not Norway.. Rigged lol

  2. I didn’t realize until recently that “Polaroid” was one of the lyrics and now curious if she said it during the performance (the DVD hasn’t arrived yet). Nevertheless, good performance, good song. She looked great. Rather missed the ascending down the staircase bit featured in the national final and the woman in the box. But, the audience must not have seen it for its redeeming qualities and it didn’t move on. I think I was so sidetracked with just one Scandinavian country in the grand final to even think about the details. Sheesh. Well, here’s hoping for next year!

  3. This was not one I was fond of at first but after hearing it a few times it grew on me and in the end surprised it didn’t get through.

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