We have been able to take a detailed look on ESCCovers counter and want to present you some interesting stats of the website since 1 May 2015:

Some demographics data:

Gender: 53% male / 47% female

So we get more male visitors than female but the difference is less than we expected.

25% – 18-24 years old
31% – 25-34 years old
18% – 35-44 years old
15% – 45-54 years old
8% – 55-64 years old
3% – 65+ years old

Age wise we are surprised as well, as technically most R O W members fall into the 35 to 54 age category.

usersAs for every ESC website, our top viewing days came from two Euroweeks in May, but we had several other peaks, the latest one on October 14, also on 15 and 29 July and 10 September.

Geographically, most of the site visitors came from USA (15%), followed by Germany (7%), Australia (6%), UK (6%), South Africa (5%) and Russia (4%). ESC 2015 host country Austria and 2016 host country Sweden also got into top 10. In total, we have registered visitors from 162 countries/territories.

Most popular pages on our website were: Eurovision 2016 lyrics page, OGAE ROW membership and Our World pages.

Top 3 most popular news articles:
1. Elene Mikiashvili participates in The Voice of Georgia
2. Lariss releases new single and video – Dale Papi
3. Neringa Šiaudikytė wins first prize at Universong 2015 in Tenerife

As our site is still a new site, most of site visitors came from Google websearch and Facebook links. In different regional versions of Google most popular referrers were,,, .de, .se, and .es. Around 100 new visitors were driven in by OGAE International website. OGAE RSS program wasn’t the most popular source of hits, driving just around 11 visitors to the site per month.

Among fansites top referrer was Hungarian ESCHungary which brought about 100 visitors from it’s articles devoted to OGAE International voting and Second Chance contest. Second Chance participation also brought in some fans from Alexander Rybak’s site.

Most popular Twitter referrers were Austrian journalists Armin Wolf and Dieter Chmelar who have linked to ESCCovers lyrics page and their tweets brought about 250 visitors.

Most surprising are perhaps hits from the German language Buzzfeed article about #MomBod and #DadBod instagram photos which lead to the lyrics  page as well. Do you see a connection there?


  1. Great statistics. really surprised to see that the younger generation are the age group that is the age group that has had the most visits.

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