Donny Montell releases new song ‘Atiduočiau Už Naktį Bet Ką’

Donny Montell has released his new song called Atiduočiau Už Naktį Bet Ką (I would give away anything for the night). It is a contemporary, laid back and radio friendly pop song. It is released using Donny’s real name – Donatas Montvydas.

Atiduočiau Už Naktį Bet Ką is composed by Donatas Montvydas, Marius Leskauskas, Andrius Kairys. The production is by Marius Leskauskas.

Donny Montell represented Lithuania twice at Eurovision. In 2012 with Love Is Blind and 2016 with I’ve Been Waiting For This Night.

You can hear Atiduočiau Už Naktį Bet Ką below.

Source: ESC Covers


One thought on “Donny Montell releases new song ‘Atiduočiau Už Naktį Bet Ką’”

  1. Interesting he is using his real name and not his stage name, but I guess because it is not in English, they thought it was better using his real name.

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