Dina Garipova releases two new songs – ‘Ay, bylbylym’ and ‘Pyatyy element’

dian2 dian1

Dina Garipova has released two new songs. First we have Ay, bylbylym (Ay, was a white one!) is an epic and ethnic ballad from a movie, ‘Zuleykha opens her eyes’. It is taken from Dina’s forthcoming album, ‘ETNO’. Text and music is by Tatarskiye narodnyy with Radik Salimov and Dmitry Agafonov.

The other new song is entitled Pyatyy element (Fifth element). This is a powerful pop rock ballad. It is composed by Dina Garipova, Leonid Gutkin and Anna Mikulskaya.

Dina represented Russia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with the charming and powerful ballad, What If.

You can hear Dina’s two new songs below.

Source: ESC Covers; BossA Music Inc


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