In Kyiv, ESC covers will be represented by Ian Fowell, our chief editor as well as Roy van der Merwe, the website owner. Roy will, however, also cover the 2017 Eurovision song contest on behalf of the Greek language radio station in South Africa, RADIO HELLENIC and because of that, we are doing a competition involving the entries of Greece and Cyprus.

The competition is fairly easy. This is what you have to do:

1 – Pick Cyprus or Greece (the entry you like best of the two)

2 – Put a photo of yourself inside the flag of the country you picked (so Greece of Cyprus) OR

Put a photo of Hovig or Demy inside the flag OF YOUR country.

3 – Send this to us at and we will publish it on the ESC COVERS website OR

put it yourself on the EUROVISION COVERAGE facebook

4 – By 30 APRIL a panel of judges will pick 1 or 2 winning entries and these people will win a gift package from Radio Hellenic and ESC Covers.


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