Check out Vebi feat. Aless with ‘Každý deň’

Vebi feat. Aless recently released the song Každý deň (Every day). The song has an original and contemporary charm with a strong beat and production.

Každý deň is composed by Paul Project and Aless Capparelli. The production is by Paul Project and mixed and mastered by Zoli Tóth.

Vebi is Veronika Nízlová from the Twiins. They represented Slovakia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with I’m Still Alive.

Aless is a Slovakian rapper and hip-hop singer. She has had several hits in her homeland.

You can see the official music video for Každý deň below and you can read more about Vebi and the Twiins here.

Source: ESC Covers; Photos from the music video of ‘Každý deň’


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  1. I wonder if Keiino saw the dubble I from the TWIINS? They they are so, so 2 I’s are okay. Keiino is three members so they should be a 3rd I

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