CARLOS DO CARMO, the 1976 Eurovision singer from Portugal died

Nor Bert of the facebook Music – Eurovision and beyond wrote the following peace. Even here in South Africa (with a large Portuguese community) the news reported of his death and called him the Frank Sinatra of fado.

Carlos do Carmo passed away….
he was a well-known Lisbon-style fado singer. He innovated fado by allowing influences of jazz and chansons in his music. Partly because of this, the reactionary image of fado was improved. He made his first recordings in 1963. Outside Portugal, Carlos Do Carma was best known for his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 1976. With the song Uma flor de verde pinho he had previously won Festival da Canção, the Portuguese pre-selection for the song festival. He finished in twelfth place at the Eurovision Song Contest. Carlos do Carma died on January 1, 2021, at the age of 81, in Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon.

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