Blas Cantó reunited with former Eurojunior 2004 friends

Blas Cantó will represent Spain at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with Voy a quedarme (I am going to stay). On the special tv show, ‘Destino Eurovisión’, he was reunited with some former friends from his time in the Eurojunior 2004 selection.

Blas took part in the Spanish Junior Eurovision selection in 2004, Eurojunior. He got to perform two entries, Cantaré (I will sing) and Sentir (Feel). All the 16 contestants during the selection shows performed some group songs. Blas had a big surprise as former Eurojunior friends, Alba Gil, Mirela, Lydia Fairen and Lucía Estrella, came to the stage to perform one of those group songs, Nuestra amistad (Our friendship).

In 2004, Spain won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with María Isabel and Antes muerta que sencilla  (I’d rather be dead than plain).

Mirela took part in the Spain Eurovision national selection in 2007 with La reina de la noche (The Queen of the Night) and in 2017 with Contigo (With you).

Alba Gil won La Voz (The Voice of Spain) in 2017.

The performance from ‘Destino Eurovisión’ can be seen below. You can also see the Eurojunior 2004 contestants perform Nuestra amistad from the original Gala Final below (Blas is the first to sing in the clip).

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