Belarus begins 2021 selection process

Belarus has today announced their selection process for the Eurovision 2021 song contest.

Applications can be made through the Belarus TV website and as in previous years there are no language restrictions for submitted songs.

This year however: “For the first time in the history of national selection, you need to send a video recording of the performance of the composition in live sound mode.  Both solo performers and teams of no more than 6 people are invited to participate. Belarusian and foreign artists from 16 years can become candidates. At the same time, every applicant has the right to only one application.”

Applications will be accepted up until Jan 31st and thereafter, the format of the national final or selection will be made depending on the epidemiological situation at that time.


One thought on “Belarus begins 2021 selection process”

  1. Like it that language rule is any language but it will still be nice if the winning song is part in Russian/Belorussian and English.

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