Luis from Canada brought us the sad news that Armando Gama passed away

Norbert from Eurovision – music and beyond wrote an artcvle for us.

Armando António Capelo Diniz da Gama (1 April 1954 – 17 January 2022) was a Portuguese singer-songwriter and baritone opera singer. In his decades-long music career, he sold over five million records in Portugal alone.
He became well-known internationally performing at the Eurovision Song Contest 1983, singing the song Esta balada que te dou, which came 13th out of 20 countries.
Armando Gama still performed in his later years, and presented a live show called Armando Gama: The Fifth Beatle, in which he performed cover versions of well-known songs by The Beatles.
Gama died of cancer at Instituto Português de Oncologia Francisco Gentil in Lisbon on 17 January 2022, at the age of 67.

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