Morten Thomassen takes on today the entry from the United Kingdom at came second in 2022, the second biggest point difference between winner and runner-up. ESC Covers again google translated it from Norwegian to English.

The next Eurovision year in this series is this year’s second place and since I have just written about this second place and shown the video from the final, I choose the music video for this song.

We are naturally talking about Sam Ryder and his song “Space Man”, who lacked 165 points to take the win and he is also not very hurt that it was “only” second place.

For several months most of us had realized that Ukraine would take home the victory and with the help of a united European and Australian audience they got a televoting score that will probably take a few years to be beaten.

Fortunately, the juries made it a bit exciting by spreading the votes a little more among the different participating countries and they actually had this song first.

Some might have hoped that people who voted would also spread their votes a little more, but that didn’t happen.

Here Sam Ryder came in 5th place and then it was a great 2nd place.

Great Britain is probably the country that has come in 2nd place the most times, and it is starting to be quite a while since they came in that place last time.

You actually have to go all the way back to 1998 when they themselves held the final in Birmingham, which is incidentally one of 7 cities fighting to hold next year’s final.

For understandable reasons, next year’s final cannot be held in Ukraine, so then I think most people probably feel that it was most right that the country many called a moral winner of ESC-2023 was allowed to take over.

Incidentally, I must add that the use of the word moral winner is rather foolish, it is probably mostly used to reduce the value of the one who won his victory.

Young Mr Ryder started his musical career in 2006 and has been in loads of bands as well as solo projects.

Rumor has it that he was inspired to learn to play the guitar by the Finnish group Lordi who won in 2006.

Sam himself became really famous when, during the corona epidemic, he started posting his cover versions of several well-known artists’ songs.

When the original artist reacts to this, it quickly creates quite a few clicks and he eventually secured a record deal.

Things worked out and now he is the artist from the pop country, rather than anyone in Europe, with the best position in the ESC in the 2000s.

And I have a feeling that if he were to return to our beloved competition it would be to the fans with open arms.

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