Morten Thomassen discusses today the “wonder” of second place in 2002. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

The country where over 90% of the population watches the international final has not yet won and today we will talk about the second place when they were closest.

The closest they came was one year when they came third, but that is another matter.

In the year 2002, when Norway sat in the expulsion box due to a poor result the previous year, it was the Maltese Ira Losco who got the imaginary silver medal around her slender neck.

She got it for the song “7th Wonder” and she was 12 points short of depriving Latvia of its only win so far.

She led the voting at the beginning, but the miracle of victory would somehow not happen this year either.

Down to the two countries in third place, she had a full 53 point lead, so this evening it was all about the fight for victory.

Young Miss Losco started her career back in 1998, but got her big break when she represented her home country in 2002 in our beloved competition.

We naturally remember that she also took part in 2016 where, according to rumours, she got to spend a whopping 1.5 million EURO on her participation, one can wonder if a 12th place is worth that much money then.

That year it attracted a bit of attention because she won the Maltese final with the song “Chameleon”, but was allowed to test out several songs to an international jury + some local experts and thus ended up changing songs. “Walk On Water” was the name of the song she performed in Stockholm.

In the same month that she took part in her last ESC final to date, she announced that she was pregnant, well we could see it on her already and in August of the same year she gave birth to a son.

Later, the lady married the “engraver” and they also had a daughter.

However, she is still an active artist so perhaps she should let the old man look after the children for a bit and try again in ESC, I think she is welcome in most people’s eyes.

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