Alexander Rybak x Sirusho collaborate with ‘Stay’

Alexander Rybak x Sirusho have released the duet single, Stay. It is a charming ballad and a surprise collaboration.

Stay is available to purchase or stream from digital stores such as Amazon, YouTube Music, Spotify and many more.

Alexander Rybak won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for Norway with Fairytale and he again represented Norway at the 2018 Eurovision with That’s How You Write A Song.

Sirusho represented Armenia at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Qele Qele.

You can see the official music video for Stay below.

Source: ESC Covers


One thought on “Alexander Rybak x Sirusho collaborate with ‘Stay’”

  1. Yes a very interesting paring – just a pity they dud not also do an Armenian or Norwegian or Byelorussian version

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