Alessandra will sing ‘Queen of Kings’ for Norway at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest

In an exciting Norwegian selection last night, an entry for the 2023 Eurovision song contest in Liverpool was selected.

It turned out to be ALESSANDRA (Mele) with QUEEN OF KINGS. Well in the UK recently the queen was replaced by a king. Maybe this will bring luck to Norway at the 2023 final in Liverpool.

The acts and songs –

  1. JONE Ekko inni meg (Echo in me)
  2. Eline Thorp — Not Meant to Be
  3. SkrellexLove Again
  4. Ulrikke Brandstorp — Honestly
  5. Umami TsunamiGeronimo
  6. Atle PettersenMasterpiece
  7. Swing’it — Prohibition
  8. Elsie Bay Love you in a dream
  9. Alessandra Queen of Kings

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