Morten Thomassen has now watched the Danish 2023 Eurovision final and here is his perspective. ESC Covers have google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Our friends on the other side of the Skagerak have made their choice for 2023. As you know, they have missed the international finals in the last two years and thus have something to avenge, if you would think.

As you know, revenge is not a very good thing and if the reports are to be believed, the final did not go completely smoothly, voting problems and the jury and the people who do not agree on which song is best are good fertilizer for a lot of sulking afterwards.

They should be allowed to sulk in peace, I judge the songs and find out if I agree with the choice they made.

Melody 1 – Frederik Leopold 

A rather handsome fellow who opens the ball with a rather swinging song, it’s a perfect start to the party, you’d think. But, how wrong can you be, vocally it was far from nice and in terms of charm it didn’t swing until the very end of the song and by then I was probably tired of the whole song. A shame, as the song itself has potential.


Melody 2 – EYJAA 

There is an intensity in this song that I like quite well and I find little to complain about the vocals, but having said that I don’t have much more positive things to say about this song. There is so little going on in the song that I eventually find it quite boring and when the vocalists don’t seem to come to life with their own songs, then we struggle.


Melody 3 – Micky Skeel 

Starting to wonder if those who select the songs for the Danish MGP have sleep problems. Because here we are served another rather boring case of a pop song that simply goes nowhere and is probably best suited as a sleeping pill. I give plus points for good vocals and an artist who charms me so much that he doesn’t end up completely at the bottom with me.


Melody 4 – Maia Maia 

Here we fire it up a bit with something with rhythm and a hint of rock tones, although I don’t see the very big reason to take off. Vocally confusing artist, she has quite a strong but very flat vocal so it doesn’t sound very impressive although it might be. Anyway, it doesn’t help much when this song is also so bland and doesn’t catch me.


Melody 5 – Nicklas Sonne 

Thank goodness there was finally some rock and my musical taste buds finally got to taste something good at this Danish smørrebrød table. The song is probably not the most exciting and innovative I’ve heard, but just hearing someone who can really deliver the goods was really nice and what’s better than pyro and long-haired rockers?


Melody 6 – Mariyah LeBerg 

We’ve seen many costume changes in our beloved competition, but totally undressed was actually a new variation. It was a little strange, but all in all I found this quite entertaining. The song itself was quite intensive and the vocalist delivered the goods and then she did the job and made a not too exciting song much more watchable and pretty much the same.


Melody 7 – Søren Torpegaard Lund 

Almost had to check the year on the calendar one small moment in this enjoyment of a jazzy affair of a song. Could possibly have been a song from 1963 and it shows that good melodies are timeless and can delight us musically regardless. This was a joy to listen to and the artist delivers vocals completely in line with how such a song should be performed. I was completely enthralled now.


Tune 8 – Reiley 

The last must be first, they say, and this was the song that won. Not entirely unexpected perhaps as this is a modern little thing of a happy thing of a pop song that is just right catchy. The vocalist sings just fine without impressing, but a good dose of charm pulls it up. I feel that the song itself is not very original, but that is exactly the case with many songs.

As expected, my favorite song ended in no man’s land in terms of results, my second favorite was the people’s favourite, but not liked well enough by the jury to win.

Well, well, let’s hope for a final place for Denmark this year, at the moment it looks good for that.

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