Morten Thomassen is back with a report on SANMARINO, the country that ended 33rdin the rankings. ESC Covers again google translated it from Norwegian.

This small country may not have the largest population of artists so they often use guest workers.

Nice for this country that it is located in the middle of one of the best pop countries in the world Italy and there the artist selection is better.

Achille Lauro tried to become the home country’s artist in this year’s San Remo final, but when that did not work out, he took the road to San Marino and tried there.

There it was possibly no wonder that he took the victory there, closer to home than you do not get for an Italian.

As expected, the song was very well received in the hall, and this guy certainly did not spare any gunpowder in his performance.

The only thing missing was that he had a stripper on stage, he probably could have imagined it, but some rules must have a family show, one would think.

Actually, there was not much to put your finger on in Achille’s performance, this is how rock songs are often performed when you do it in a TV show.

The problem here was probably that those who like such songs rarely bother to waste a Thursday night watching a show with for them mostly uninteresting songs.

It is also possible that some people thought this song was a poor attempt to imitate Italy’s winning song from last year.

One should only know that Achille has a significantly longer career than Moonlight, however, this information was probably unknown to most people.

This country was also involved in the voting scandal, we can only hope that the murmur after they are revealed does not mean that they do not participate next year.

If they are but next year it will be their participation number 13 and maybe they can then get their final place number 4, they bet and such bets should occasionally bear fruit.

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