CYPRUS ended in 28th place and Morten Thomassen discussed why. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Then we will talk about the island nation many believe will soon get to taste the fruits of victory.

After a few years with party queens, our Cypriot friends probably felt it was time for something with Greek influence in them.

The preview video gave us a lovely and summery feeling and Andromache’s job was only to produce the same feeling on stage in Turin.

For the song itself is a lovely little summer hot song that gave me lots of lying-on-the-stand-and-enjoying-vibes.

Well, there she went straight to the bar, I’m afraid, because what we saw in the performance of the song “Ela” was icy cold and hot, much like the bathing water in Norway in April ..

What is the meaning of that wave on stage I wonder still on, she seemed out of place in it.

I almost wonder if the artist in this case ever felt that this was the right way to produce her song.

It probably did not make the case much better that she did not completely master the vocals at times.

This is severely punished by the jury, which only gave 9 points in total, from the people she got 6 times as many points.

However, it only held to 12th place in semifinal 2 and even if Greece had not been in the same semifinal and given them 24 points more it would not have  reached the final place.

It is the first time since2013 that Cyprus did not qualify to the final. I bet they will take revenge next year.

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