Morten Thomassen continues with his discussion if the 40 songs in the 2022 Eurovision song contest and now he is at position 16 and that is AZERBAIJAN. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

As previously mentioned, some countries only have one of the jury groups to thank for making it to the final.

Our friend from Azerbaijan Nadir Rustamli made it to the final from 10th place in his semi-final and only with points from the jury.

It wasn’t much better in the finals when 103 out of 106 points came from the professionals, only the people of Georgia thought this deserved points.

No less than three juries thought that this was the best song of the evening, perhaps not so surprising since the song is actually Swedish.

It goes without saying that when one jury group “fails” it can only count on a relatively low placement in the whole thing.

What the juries must have fallen for was a relatively steadily performed ballade of the dramatic kind.

The drama was so well rehearsed that there was a hiccup towards the end of the song, about when the voice was also used up, because Nadir was a bit vocally exhausted towards the end of the song.

As usual, the song from this country called “Fade To Black” received a performance where nothing was spared.

Well, they saved on light then and that’s probably why those who voted didn’t quite think this was a song that hit them.

This was probably very dark and gloomy for many who watched and possibly many felt that a pee break was appropriate right then.

And even though I liked the song, the general judgment of most people was that this was sad and boring stuff.

This country only has one year where they didn’t qualify for the finals, but after a few good years in terms of results after they joined, things have only gone relatively  well, maybe they should try a local composer soon, it was about time.

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